Crash Cash Now: We advance funds on motor vehicle accident cases.

Personal injury lawsuits represent one of the largest industries in the country. Settlements to injured parties happen every day, to people from all walks of life. The settlement process typically takes a long time however. In the meantime, the injured party has often missed work, been disabled, attended numerous doctor visits, or incurred other out-of-pocket expenses.

Typically, the party that caused the damage in these lawsuits is covered by insurance. And as we all know, insurance companies can take a long time to settle.

For the wealthy few of our society, long delays in settlement don’t impact their lifestyle. But for the rest of us, missing work and delays in settlement can significantly impact our basic needs. In fact, more than 60% of the clients for this type of funding are facing a serious real estate issue at the time of the advance, either missing rent or mortgage payments or worse, facing eviction and foreclosure.

Other financial institutions, such as banks, rarely, if ever, help here. Crash Cash recognized that this was not fair and was established to meet the market need for pre-settlement funding.

Crash Cash was founded to serve this customer.

We Can Help You Win!

Crash Cash was founded to make the funding process fast and easily accessible. We can provide funding fast, within 48 hours in most cases if needed.

We can handle most cases with a phone call and fax. There are no lengthy applications to complete. The funds are advanced based on our assessment of the value of the case, not on your credit history. There are no credit checks and the advance has no impact on your credit file.

We were founded by personal injury attorneys who understand your type of case and the process it requires to obtain settlement. We know the business and we can get answers quickly.

We also can operate in Spanish or other languages, which can be very helpful to many of our clients.

We designed our process to make it easy for you and your attorney, and most importantly to Help You Win.